Represent and
communicate interests

FHK – Austrian Association of Universities of Applied Sciences

  • umbrella organisation of the 21 Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)
  • joint representation of all executive and academic bodies (100% rate of unionisation)
  • strategy development and lobbying (recently achieved: increase of federal UAS-funds – study places and amount per study place)
  • communication platform (4 thematic committees)

Universities of Applied Sciences

Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) offer their students practical-oriented higher education. This is reflected in their curricula which include mandatory career-oriented practical training units or job-based internships. The number of students per year and programme is limited, for this reason most of the programmes have an entrance procedure which has to be passed.

Core-competences of UAS are research and education, knowledge is generated through applied research.

Most of the UAS study programmes are full-time programmes; however, there are several career-parallel study programmes on offer which are designed for working students considering their specific situation.

For completion of all UAS study programmes an appropriate thesis and an examination are required. Graduates of UAS Master programmes may enrol in doctoral programmes at universities.

In line with the Bologna Process UAS degree programmes offer Bachelor and Master programmes as from 2003 onwards. Bachelor study programmes have a duration of 6 semesters, Master programmes a duration of 2 to 4 semesters.

UAS are a relatively young type of tertiary education compared to universities. They are financed partly by the Federal Government, partly by provincial governments, regional and supra-regional authorities or other public and private institutions. The first study programmes have been established in 1994/95.

At present 500 study programmes are offered by 21 UAS in areas such as Engineering & IT, Business & Tourism, Natural Sciences, Health Studies, Social Sciences, Media & Design, Law and Military Sciences. The total number of students is about 60.000.


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