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Description of the Association’s Bodies

The Members Assembly

Members of the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria (FHK), and thus of the Members Assembly, are the course-providing bodies represented by both their executive directors and the heads of degree programmes.

The main tasks of the Members Assembly are:

  • election and dismissal of the members of the Presiding Committee
  • drawing-up of the association’s budget
  • drawing-up of the articles of association
  • decision-making concerning the dismissal of members of the Association.

The Members Assembly is chaired by the President.

The Managing Board

The Managing Board consists of two representatives of each course-providing body. One representative belongs to the management of the course-providing body, while the other is part of the community of the heads of degree programmes of the course-providing body.

The Managing Board determines the basic requirements as well as the strategic aims of the Association. Furthermore, the Managing Board assists and advises the Presiding Council in all matters in the fulfilment of the Association’s purpose.

The Managing Board is also chaired by the President.

The Presiding Council

The Presiding Council consists of seven Members of the Managing Board, chaired by the President.

The Presiding Council is the steering committee of the Association and is responsible for all matters which are not assigned to other committees by the Articles of Association.

The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General and manages the daily business of the Association, supporting the President and the other bodies of the Association.